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Ajax Ciro
Daughter of Horus
Head Counselor of Horus' Cabin
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Hope Ciro (Mother)

Horus (Father)

Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height .
Affiliation .
Weapons Bracelet
Species Demigod
Home Camp Pyramid

Horus' Cabin

Quests None
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This character is a child of Horus.


Ajax is a surfing tomboy. She hates fancy stuff and anything girly. She spends almost all of her time surfing, and hanging with friends


Hope met Horus at the surfing championship in East London, Africa. Hope was a pro surfer who lived in California. They hung out for a few weeks after that but, soon after Horus had to leave. A year later Ajax was born into the world. At first Hope didn’t think Ajax was going to be that strong because when she was born Ajax was small but, as she grew up she became strong. After Ajax was born, Hope took Ajax back to her home in California. When Ajax was two Hope brought her to the ocean for the first time. Ajax loved it and they started going every weekend. When Ajax turned four, Hope started to teach Ajax how to surf. At first she was really bad but, after a while she got good at it. When school started for Ajax, she hated it at first but, got used to it after a while. She was a straight A student and had many friends but, when Ajax was seven, Hope got offered a contract to a surfing company and she said yes.

Soon after Ajax was traveling with three other families to different surfing contests around the world. Ajax loved it. She started homeschooling with the other kids in the families and got to surf in the most amazing places in the world. On her tenth birthday she got a package and inside was a bracelet with a small surfboard charm and a note that said When your in danger touch the charm. She didn't understand what it ment but, she kep the bracelet. By the time she was fourteen she was surfing like a pro and was offered many jobs and contracst but, she declined all of them. She asked her mom if they could live a normal life and Hope said yes so they moved back to California and lived in her old beach home.

On Ajax’s fifteenth birthday she came home and went to her bedroom. Then there was a knock at her door and her mother awnsered it. At the door was a older boy and he talked to Hope for awhile before Hope told Ajax to go and pack her things. Ajax did as she was told when she finally packed her mother said goodbye and Ajax left with the boy who brought her to Camp Pyramid.