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Comet Moray
Child of Wadjet
Head Counsellor of Wadjet's Cabin
The new James Bond
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Father (Angelia), Step Mum (Joan) and Step Sister (Monica).
Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Dirty Blond
Height 6ft
Affiliation Camp Pyramid
Weapons Sicklesword, Bow and Arrows
Species Demigod
Home Camp Pyramid
Quests None
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This character is a child of Wadjet.


Comet is the type of person that will defend what is right, will be 2 steps ahead of his enemy and is a loyal friend. He will help those in need and loves to play with children. Although he isn't a violent person he has the reflex's to be a powerful weapon if and when he absolutely has to.


Comet -Child of Wadjet
-Head Counsellor, Son of Snakes, Prince of Cobra's and Armory worker

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Michael met Wadjet while on a tour on the Nile River, and after a few dates Wadjet got pregnant with Comet and gave birth to him 9 months later. But for the first 6 months Wadjet stuck around but then he just disappeared but before he left he told her that he was a egyptian goddess and that Comet would be a demigod.

When Comet was 1 Michael left to London where he raised him with lots of love from his parents. Also he got married to a preschool teacher named Joan a year later, he also had a daughter that grew up to be Comet's older sister. While in the 4th grade of school Comet joined a qymnastics club which he excelled and loved. But during that time Comet did see a lots of people with extra arms, heads and even some that had a screwdriver for a head. He though he as going mad a just kept it to himself.

But when Comet turned 13 he learned from his dad who his mum was and that Comet was a demigod. After he said that, Comet went to do archery lessons so he could fight off anything that would come after him. And those skills came in handy when on a field trip to Ierland (a month before his 15th birthday) a gang of 10 or so demons chased after him but Comet was able to climb up a church where he expertly shot down all of them from above.

But when Comet came home a week later he learned that his grand parents had passed away which left him with a great hole in his heart that was quickly fulled with love of his mum when Wadjet came back to bring him to Camp Pyramid. There Comet moved into Wadjet's Cabin and had his 15th Birthday there too.



1)Children of Wadjet are able to sense infrared thermal radiation up to such point where they target vulnerable body parts of the oppenent to which it strikes.

2)Children of Wadjet constriction process used by snakes on an opponent


1) Children of Wadjet are able to grow thick scales on the body which is able to create an excellent armor for them.

2) Children of Wadjet are able to sustain numerous blows of internal or external assaults before succumbing to the effects.


1) Children of Wadjet can turn into snakes

2) Children of Wadjet innately proficient in most forms of combat and hold a higher state of physical prowess.

3) Children of Wadjet do have enhanced flexibility to which they can to bend and twist their body as if they were bone-less.


1) Children of Wadjet can consume and digest any substance without injury

2) Children of Wadjet can become stronger and faster if an ally near them is in danger, or is already wounded. They will continue to be in this kind of state until the danger as past

3) Children of Wadjet can communicate or call to the assistance of near by snakes

lt and counselor only

1) It is a rare ability that a child of Wadget is able to create fangs with natural venom on them, but the venom will not be able to kill the opponent.


1) children of Wadjet are very sneaky and manipulative

2) Children of Wadjet have binocular vision

3) Children of Wadjet are excellent with kids

Camp Life

Comet was really just a fun loving demigod at first, then he started helping around at the Armoury with Justice Ross which was great start for him. Then an oracle bumped into him and gave him a prophecy about him, which he soon forgot about. After a while new campers started to come into camp, one of them was Ellie Harding.

Comet was doing his James Bond moves on her at first, but when he first looked at Ellie he was enchanted by her beauty. Then somehow Comet ended up going to the Beach with her, there she kissed his check and he asked her out on a date. Soon they were on their 1st unofficial date in the sea and at the end of the day Comet walked Ellie back to her cabin then walked back to his cabin.

Soon after that Comet joined up on a [[1]] quest where he left Ellie at camp for a couple months. Then coming back he found out that the English National Men's Gymnastics Team was finding new members so he choose he should go. Then meeting back up with Ellie he realised that she still liked him, but he already knew if he was to join the National Team he would have to break up with Ellie.

Olly Murs - Dear Darlin'

Olly Murs - Dear Darlin'

Comet's feelings for Ellie after he broke up with her


Name Relation Feelings
Michael Dad He's the best dad in the world
Wadjet Mum

I fogive her

Joan Step-mum I love helping her with the children
Monica Step-sister She gives me advice
Justice Ross Friend She's cool, we both work in the armory and she's got a friendly personality
Kayla Helen Dean Friend She's nice enought that I don't think she will kill me
June Chase Friend She got a cool cabin and has a cute pet Crocidile, Swampy
Ellie Harding Ex Girlfriend Regret that I made her cry
Amanda Clarkson Friend She's sweet but gave me a frightning prophecy
Evangeline Hartland Friend Seems not wanting to hurt me and is nice
Sam Dreath Best Friend He's not afraid of death and grows great plants
Ryan Massri Friend He's jelous of me right now but he's fun all around
Hunter Jameson Friend He may be a player but he's actually loyal to his friends
DJ Gairden Friend He's quite and can be angered quickly, but that's only because of his life
Katniss Mubarak Friend She's a really cool girl, with very red hair