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June Chase
June Chase1
Head Counselor of Sobek's Cabin
The Nile crocodile
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Sobek, Sophia Chase
Status Single, Head Counselor
Eye Color Teal
Hair Color Blond
Height 5 feet, 2 inches
Affiliation Camp Pyramid
Weapons Staff
Species Demigod
Home Sobek's Cabin, Camp Pyramid
Quests None
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This character is a child of Sobek.


Very waterloving, mystiorious, and creative. Is always doing something, like drawing or swimming. Does not have many freinds and is very lonely. She fights with a graceful stance, that makes her look beautiful and deadly.


Sophia and Sobek met at a aquarium. Sophia was drawing pictures for her newspaper article, beacause she was a journalist, and Sobek was simply watching the fishies. They saw each other and fell in love at first sight. Soon June was born and June's father left Sophia with a 2-month old baby, who would cry and scream when she had not been in the water for the last 24 hours.

June grew up in a small town in Oregon. Her mother contantly worried that her daughter was a faulure and a clutz, who was only graceful in the water. She was peged by everyone as "that kid who was going to fail in life". At school, only bullies and people that she later learned were monsters were attracted to her, mostly to laugh or taunght her.

On her 12 birthday, all chaos broke lose. Her town was attacked by monsters, who were looking for her. She ran, although she knew she could never come back and that they all might die. She ran until she bumped into a person who could take her to camp. The person, took her to camp, all the while the person told her who she was, and how to fight monsters.


She fights with a staff that she got from an egyptian magican.



  1. Children of Sobek have the ability to grow multiple rows of Crocodile teeth, and can dislocate their jaws to attack with them.


  1. Children of Sobek can change into an scale like armor around the the body with the exception of their bellies for a temporary period of time.
  2. Children of Sobek have sustain numerous blows of internal or external assaults before succumbing to the effects.


  1. Children of Sobek are capable in seeing in the dark.
  2. Children of Sobek can transform into different species of crocodile
  3. Children of Sobek can hold their breath underwater for an extended period of time.


  1. Children of Sobek can communicate or call to the assistance of near by crocodiles.
  2. Children of Sobek are known to have enhanced strength and speed.

Counsellor Only

  1. In rare cases Children of Sobek manipulate water.


  1. Children of Sobek have webbed feet.
  2. Children of Sobek are known to be able to sneak stalk and spy on opponent without being caught


Name Relation Feelings
Sobek Father Not really sure.
Sophia Chase Mother I love her. Hope she's okay...