Nephthys' Cabin


Goddess Info

Nephtys is the goddess of sleep, night, lamentation and death.



Winter -Child of Nephthys
-Counsiler of Nephthys' Cabin

 Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts (talk)

I would like to welcome the new children of Nephthys. Sean, Ruby and Lucy Hurly, enjoy your stay


Nepthys' cabin is made of slate. The door squeaks when you open it, making the illusion of a haunted house. The inside has ghosts drifting through it, an erie chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and small coffins for beds. It is said that you can communicate with dead loved ones in here.  



  1. Winter Chase


  1. Constantina Fray


  1. Sean Hurly
  2. Lucy Hurly
  3. Ruby Hurly


Not year round campers


  1. Cyrena (Horse Nymph)


Up for adoption

Former Members







  • Children of Nephthys can cause an opponent to be injured by breathing fire at them for a short period of time.


  • Children of Nephthys are able to project a person’s greatest loss into their mind, causing temporary trauma and confusion into them. This power is only active for a short time.


  • Children of Nephthys has the ability to force a person to feel a great sense of loss, which allows them to be distracted for a short period of time.
  • Children of Nephthys can can cause someone to feel as if they are trapped in a coffin for a short time, unable to move, however while the user is maintaining the hold, they themselves also can't move to attack</p>


  • Children of Nephthys can sense any death, mortal or monster.
  • Children of Nephthys can be sense if a spirit or ghost is watching or around them, but they will never be able see, hear or communicate in any way shape or form to them, or know the identity of the spirit around them or their purpose of being their is. Even thoughs summoned by any demigods or gods
  • Children of Nephthys can be able to consul a person and help them to accept and move pass any losss



  • When fighting, children of Nephthys are able to gain a small amount of health every time they deal damage to their opponents.


  • Children of Nephthys have the ability to Shadow Travel, a sort of teleportation; the further the distance, the more energy drained.


Counselors/lt abilityEdit

  • Children of Nephthys have the ability to summon a large group of mummies, about ten, which can then be controlled by the mind of their summoner; the longer they are summoned, the more the summoner is drained.


They tend to accept death and loss of a love one quickly

They make excellent mortician, and Forensic anthropologist

Treaties with other cabins

I Winter Chase have made a treaty with Anuket's Cabin

  • Mutual defance
  • Help with chores