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Messenger of the gods
Creation of Thoth
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Thoth
Status Single
Eye Color amber
Hair Color brown
Height 5'5"
Affiliation Camp Pyramid
Weapons a retractable staff
Species nymph
Home Main house
Quests none
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Ode is focused, calm, order following person. She loves her creator with all her heart.


I, Ode, was created in ancient Egyptian times. I was sculpted by Ptah and Thoth for one purpose: to deliver messages for the gods. I was trained by Thoth for seven years, learning all languages spoken by Egyptians, how to trick gods, magicians, and Pharaoh's. I was then sent off to do my job. I saw the rise and fall of Egypt, The Hebrew slaves leaving Egypt by Moses, sent by his god, the parting of the sea, the death of Cleopatra. You name a famous Egyptian event, I've seen it.

After the fall of Egypt, Thoth decided that i needed a vacation. Little did I know that that vacation would last until the 1800s, when the Egyptian gods stated trickling back into the world. Imagine being stuck in the land of the dead for about 2400 years. That's what happened.

When Thoth called me back, i was more than happy to leave the duat and do my god again. That is now what I do.


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