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Comet -Child of Wadjet
-Head Counsellor, Son of Snakes, Prince of Cobra's and Armory worker

 Jacob.radon24 (talk) 20:10, October 30, 2012 (UTC)

Welcome to all children of Wadjet

Alexis Masilla

Alexis -Child of Wadjet
-Lt. Counsellor of Wadjet's Cabin/Striking Serpent

Hello siblings I am the new Lieutenant. Welcome to all and I will try and do my best.


For the outside the cabin looks like an ordinary log cabin. But inside are small statues in each room of the cabin of Wadjet. All the wallpaper shows egyptian drawings and writing about Wajet in blue and green colours. The bottom floor houses 5 queen sized beds each made of 100% animal wool/skins. And on the top floor you can find a small garden with Red Lotus flowers with a little hut in the center where Wadjet's Oracle lives. It is roumored that Snakes roam around the top floor of the Cabin as it's guards and protectors.





  1. Janice Clarkson
  2. Jacob Johnson
  3. Kalli Marino


Not year round campers


Up for adoption

Former Members





1)Children of Wadjet are able to sense infrared thermal radiation up to such point where they target vulnerable body parts of the oppenent to which it strikes.

2)Children of Wadjet constriction process used by snakes on an opponent


1) Children of Wadjet are able to grow thick scales on the body which is able to create an excellent armor for them.

2) Children of Wadjet are able to sustain numerous blows of internal or external assaults before succumbing to the effects.


1) Children of Wadget can turn into snakes

2) Children of Wadget innately proficient in most forms of combat and hold a higher state of physical prowess.

3) Children of Wadget do have enhanced flexibility to which they can to bend and twist their body as if they were bone-less.


1) Children of Wadget can consume and digest any substance without injury

2) Children of Wadget can become stronger and faster if an ally near them is in danger, or is already wounded. They will continue to be in this kind of state until the danger as past

3) Children of Wadget can communicate or call to the assistance of near by snakes

lt and counselor only

1) It is a rare ability that a child of Wadget is able to create fangs with natural venom on them, but the venom will not be able to kill the opponent.


1) children of Wadget are very sneaky and manipulative

2) Children of wadget have binocular vision

3) Children of Wadget are excellent with kids

Treaties with other cabins


Sobek Cabin

  • We help each other with chores
  • Mutual Deffence Pact with Sobek Cabin
  • We keep our animals from crawling into each others cabins

Anuket's Cabin

  • We help each other on Quests
  • Mutual Deffence Pact with Anuket's Cabin